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Dec 26, 2012 1:00pm EST
which can best be discussed in other cities. but as you know the fbi is leading the investigation because the department is very actively supporting this. i've been at liberty to talk to the living leadership about the importance of their cooperation and investigation but i could wear making some progress. ambassador pope works everyday on this issue in support of the fbi. i was in tunisia last week to emphasize to the tunisian president and prime minister the importance we attach to cooperation of detaining one of the suspects in the benghazi attack. and i believe where making some progress. so the answer is, to your question is we don't have all the edges yet but we're working those were little sick and i think we're making some progress. >> thank you. with regard to in the mentation of the recommendations of this report, you go through the report, senator corker referred to 18 different accountability review boards over a number of years. a recurring theme seems to be stovepipe decision-making. just earlier today i further bureaucratic verbiage of what got to the sixth floor, w
Dec 27, 2012 10:00am EST
investigated the food and drug in restoration and the fbi and the white house and we found there were people in jail for crimes they did not commit. j. edgar hoover knew about it. there were a lot of things that were wrong in government that were not readily known. we had our investigations and we were very aggressive. what did we do? i issued over 1200 subpoenas. i do not think anyone will ever touch that record. i am not sure it is a good record but it was when i thought -- it was one i thought was necessary. we wanted to get to the bottom of a lot of these things and i think it paid off. we not only put pressure on the clinton demonstration, i put pressure on the chief counsel at the white house. i know you probably heard of whitey bolger who was captured recently. his brother was one of the people we have before committee working on that. there were a lot of things we did. that is the responsibility of congress. the oversight of the executive branch and the agency's ies of government is extremely important. no matter what you believed, what you think, there is waste or fraud
Dec 27, 2012 1:00pm EST
at the statistics from the fbi, most criminals are either stolen guns where they have enough ammo to commit the crime. why don't they get rid of gun owner permits? the state can run it, charging no more than $100. you get your background check, you take a site test. you clear that, you go through the class, you go down to your local state patrol, you pay another $100, you do your fingerprinting and other background check. here is your paperwork, here is your card. you can now purchase the firearm. legal gun owners are going to do everything they can to be legal and take the right steps. the people that do not want to do that are not going to get a gun. guest: i would be all for that. in some states, that is the process. in most, it is not. in most states, you can buy a gun with no questions asked. you do not have to pay a fee or to the state police or do anything. the system that you just described, if it was in place in all states, it would be a whole lot safer. legal gun owners virtually never use their guns improperly and virtually always keep their guns properly secured. but w
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3